9 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Hosting Account Get Suspended.

  1. what the fuc++ i dont een ha ve a xhosting account i ws tryng 2 go 2 a website nd dis crap says its suspended wtf is with dat bull sh++

  2. I am starting to get extremely bothered. I am unable to find a way to get the best shared hosting for my web pages. I am using ixwebhosting, but they seem to be down every other day! Will someone help me?

  3. I know these guidelines on why would my hosting account be suspended. I know I can still get all my data back in cases of suspension but how soon would it be? I’ve never experienced such but I’m very skeptical about this and to be honest I don’t want this to happen.

    • It depends on the hosting account you have. Some of them allow up to one month to remove all your data and take backups. A month is standard with almost all providers.

  4. Its definitely a good idea to stay out of trouble with your web host.

    Once suspended, it can be horrific at times to get things up and running again, depending on the supposed infraction.

    • Hey Narayan,

      It is quite usual for an host to suspend your account if your site is consuming more than allocated resources, especially if it is a shared hosting. Take a look at CPU + RAM usage limit specified in FAQ or ToS page of your host’s site. Also you can try reducing the load by deactivating unused scripts, plugins in case of wordpress and or try optimizing apache and mysql if you’ve got shell access.

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